Our goal: To help people live healthy, balanced, fulfilling lives.

The Hull Institute is a private counseling practice specializing in outpatient treatment of eating disorders. We are located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Our staff has extensive experience working with people who are struggling with:

- Anorexia - Compulsive Eating
- Bulimia - Food Addictions
- Obesity - Binge Eating Disorder

Ann Hull began The Hull Institute 10 years ago.  She has put together a team of eating disorders experts, both therapists and dietitians, who help individuals and families find recovery.   

We know there are many people out there who have not yet set foot in a therapist’s office, at least not an eating disorder therapist’s office.  We want to teach, support and encourage those of you just starting, or re-starting your recovery journey.  Fear, denial, lack of access to treatment or lack of money to pay for it keeps many, if not most, people with eating disorders from seeking treatment.


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On Line Courses

#4001 Eating Disorders and Pregnancy Planning

Women with eating disorders have special issues when it comes to planning a pregnancy. This course is designed for women who have or have had an eating disorder and are considering pregnancy. The course is predominantly for women with anorexia and/or bulimia.
USD $39.00

#4002 Eating Disorders and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, and we find that often, women with eating disorders miss out on all the joys of pregnancy as they worry about weight gain and body changes.This course is designed for women who are already pregnant and have or have had an eating disorder, and it’s predominantly for women with anorexia and/or bulimia.
USD $49.00

#4003 Eating Disorders and Post Partum

As you near delivery of your baby, whether you had eating disorder behaviors during your pregnancy or not, you need to be concerned about the possibility those behaviors will return after delivery. This course provides you with helpful information you need to navigate the post partum period.


USD $59.00